Professional Centrifugal Fans Manufacturer

Centrifugal Fans


■ Airflow Capacity up to 1020 CFM / 3.08 Inch-H2O

■ Advantageous combination of high airflow and medium static pressure

■ Excellent energy efficiency comparing to other cooling fans 

■ Ideal for use in medium pressure systems such as Telecommunication Cabinets and Racks

Centrifugal Fans

SHYUAN YA has over 30 years experiences of producing Centrifugal Fans with a Centrifugal Fans factory in Taiwan. We own experienced artisans in order to deliveries top quality Centrifugal Fans to our customers. More AC Axial Fans, DC Axial FansCentrifugal FanCentrifugal Blowers wanted, please contact us.