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Cooling Fan Types

In an environment where air flow is not easily generated naturally, air movement by external force is needed for cooling propose. Nowadays, the air movement is commonly generated by cooling fans which can be differ widely by shapes, sizes, functions etc.. Therefore, Cooling fans have typically classified into 4 categories which include Axial Fans, Centrifugal Fans, Centrifugal blowers, Cross Flow Fans.



Principles of Operation: Axial Fans, Centrifugal Fans, and Blowers In the world of mechanical engine...

Airflow Unit Conversion There are several units of airflow depending on systems of measurement. Airf...

KAOHSIUNG CITY, TAIWAN - Liang Herng Elec Mach Co., Ltd. is a professional industrial cooling fan, a...

1.AC fan speed control by using TOROIDAL TRANSFORMER.You can use TOROIDAL TRANSFORMER to supply lowe...

 TAITRONICS (Taipei International Electronics Show) is held on October 6th to 9th, 2015 at Taipei Na...

Air Flow MeasurementAir flow performance curves of fans are obtained by using the Double-Chamber met...


SHYUAN YA Group was founded in 1982, and is a professional Industrial Cooling Fan, AC Axial Fans, DC Axial Fans, CentrifugalFans, Centrifugal Blowers industrial fan manufacturer in Taiwan.Our factory; Liang Herng Elec Mach Co.,Ltd. is located in Kaohsiung, southern Taiwan, equipped with stated of the art facilities in order to provide high standard quality of fans to our customers. For the last almost 40 years.
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Why Choose Our Cooling Fans?

Outstanding Air Performance

The performance of our cooling fans can be compared with well-known brands in Germany & Japan.

Electricity Saving

The conversion efficiency of our cooling fansis generally about 10% higher than other manufacturers.

Motor Protection

All squirrel cage motors and external rotor motorsequipthermal protectors.

Better Insulation

One body injected insulation case provides better insulation between coil and silicon steel.

Longer products lifetime

The coil of our cooling fan motors is made by F class 100% copper wire which bring longer lifetime to our fans.

Stronger Impeller Structure

All Impellers are one body injected or directly welded onto rotor.