Professional AC Axial Fans Manufacturer

AC Axial Fans

 Airflow Ability Up to 1170 CFM / 0.84 Inch-H2O

 Outstanding airflow performance but low in static pressure

 Capable of moving air in parallel to the axis and blow air in the same direction

 Suitable for air extraction or cooling applications with low system resistance, e.g. Switchgear and Control Panels

AC Axial Fans

SHYUAN YA has more than 30 years experiences of producing AC Axial Fans with an AC Axial Fans factory in Taiwan. We own experienced artisans in order to deliveries top quality AC Axial Fans to our customers. Welcome to contact us for AC Axial FansDC Axial FansCentrifugal FanCentrifugal Blowers.

AC Axial Fans Size:


AC Axial Fans Feature:

1. AC Axial Fans Better Impendence Protection

2. AC Axial Fans Electricity Saving

3. AC Axial Fans Longer products lifetime

● AC Axial Fans Application:
1. AC Axial Fan For Powers Switchboard

2. AC Axial Fan For Electrical Box

3. AC Axial Fan For UPS

4. AC Axial Fan For Inverter