Life Time Of Fan


Life Time Of Fan

Life Time Of Fan

Fan life can be measured using different techniques or methods. There are various
stressors to shorten testing time such as heat, humidity, temperature, vibration, and
load. Usually, engineers in the industry use High Temperature Operational Life Test
Conditions to measures fan life by assuming certain conditions of fan life distribution.
Then, High Temperature Operational Life (MTBF) is calculated based on temperature
acceleration method and Testing is usually conducted under 70-80°C

MTBF or the mean time between failures is the average time between fans fail.
Failure is defined as one of the following: 1) fan does not work, 2) RPM is 15% of
origin, and 3) rated current is 15% of origin. Usually, a test batch of samples is taken
to ensure that the probability test is reliable.

1. Acceleration Factor Calculation

The Arrhenius equation below is used to model the relation between increased
temperature and the acceleration of the aging of a product as compared to its
normal operational temperature.


2. Mean time between failures (MTBF)

The MTBF formula using a Chi-squared distribution is: