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SHYUAN YA Group was founded in 1982, and is a professional Industrial Cooling Fan, AC Axial Fans, DC Axial Fans, CentrifugalFans, Centrifugal Blowers industrial fan manufacturer in Taiwan.
Our factory; Liang Herng Elec Mach Co.,Ltd. is located in Kaohsiung, southern Taiwan, equipped with stated of the art facilities in order to provide high standard quality of fans to our customers. For the last almost 30 years, SHYUAN YA has developed the industries most dependable Industrial Cooling Fan, AC Axial Fans, DC Axial Fans, Centrifugal Fans and Centrifugal Blowers. After years of dedication to quality control, our company received ISO 9001 certificated while our products were approved by CCC, CE, CSA, UL, CUL and RoHS.

A Leader in Innovation

Each year, Shyuan Ya raises the bar further by incorporating the cutting edge designs and the high quality materials into their products Industrial Cooling Fan. High precision bearings, which are long life and maintenance free, are all standard. Additionally, each product carries Shuyuan Ya's patented silicon lamination designs which have higher metal induction and lower magnetic loss than any other manufacturers. Most importantly, 100% products inspection is conducted in the end of production line in order to provide high standard and reliable products toward customers. At this moment, Shyuan Ya is developing a new line of DC and EC backward curved centrifugal fans that have higher efficiency rating than AC centrifugal fans of the same sizes.

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SHYUAN YA Supply Any Kind Of Industrial Cooling Fan. We are Professional Industrial Cooling Fan Manufacturer in Taiwan. Since 1982, we are dedicated ourselves on industrial cooling fan design, development and production, and are selling industrial cooling fans worldwide.Our industrial cooling fan products are approved by various international safety agents and we are certified with ISO, CCC, CE, CSA, UL, CUL and RoHS certification.
Our industrial cooling fan is continually improving with leading edge technology, along with advancements in the digital solutions that we can supply to monitor and control them.

We Have More Any Kind Of industrial Cooling Fan Products: 
● AC Axial Fans ● DC Axial Fans ● Centrifugal Fans ● Centrifugal Blowers


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